Founded by Pierangelo Panozzo, Panozzo u. Co. UG has its headquarters in MTZ CENTER in Germany and branches in Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Dubai and Beijing. As one of the leading companies in the machine tool business, we also conduct disposal of industrial goods along with brokerage and consulting service for basically any type of industry. We have the capacity and technical expertise for any job but we are hands-on to make attention to detail a top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your business !

Our goal

Panozzo u. Co. UG conducts its activities World Wide and proudly promotes the European Industrial Experience and know how in various fields. We participate and we partner with companies that want to consolidate and grow in the global market. We still believe in the companies that grows and yield profits even in bad times. Panozzo u. Co. UG is pleased to offer you their services.

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